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This webquest is about story telling.

It would take actually two hours to be completed this webquest in classroom.
This webquest will build-up student's self-confidence by story telling activity. When their confidence increase they will be more motivated to learn the materials. Giving encourage to students who feeling shy to speak up in front of class is an important thing to do, don't push them but support them.

This webquest is created for the use in 6-8 grade classroom, but it also could be used in lower. It is designed to expand knowledge the students about type of text.
Students will learn to speak in front of class and share the story which they choose.


I would like to give special thanks to Mrs. Euis  for her guidance and insruction to make this webquest.
I also like to thank www.belajarbahasainggris.us as the source of this material.


This WebQuest is designed for Literature classes in first high school


Thanks to all for participate this web


Thanks to my lecture

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