Conditional Sentence

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As a modern teacher, we need to be creative in order the students interested to learn. this webquest help the teachers teach the students creatively. this is the way you can choose to be creative teacher. create a content as interesting as possible for your students.


To all 12 grade studnets of senior high school, this curriculum has been completed at all. This curriculum already appropriate in learning English Grammar.


I would like to say thankyou to to my beloved lecturer of Computer Assisted Language Learning, Mrs Tiarma Ika Yuliana, S.S., M.Hum. who tought me and gave me this assignmnt to creat my first content in webquest, so i can apply it well. i hope it will be useful for me when i become a teacher.


Never stop teaching. If you stop teaching, someone will lost the most important thing (knowlegde)

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