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This is a good forum that can be used to educate and support all level learners (primary, secondary or tertiary level). By exploring this WebQuest, students will not only improve their thinking skills, but they will also develop the ability to work independently. It is a way of having your students have joy learning math by giving them the opportunity to explore, analyze and respond to evaluating diverse algebraic expressions. At the end of this WebQuest, the students should be able to evaluate algebraic expressions because they have a base and background knowledge of what they are dealing with. This WebQuest was not made by a professional teacher- but if you would like to use it, you can. I'm glad I could help.


The NSC Curriculum ( National Standards Curriculum) was used as a guide to complete this WebQuest. It provided me with the learning outcomes for what students should know and be able to do at the grade level.


This WebQuest would not have been successfully completed if it had not been for the help of others. I must extend gratitude to the authors of the sites I utilized. Sources were attached to assist students in researching the information they needed to research. To my instructor Mrs R. Brown, for guiding me in creating this WebQuest, I could not have done it without your assistance.

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