Uncovering the Secrets of the Lost Colony

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This WebQuest is created specifically for fourth graders studying North Carolina history. It meets the following standards from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study:


Social Studies
3.02 Identify people, symbols, events, and documents associated with North Carolina's history.
3.03 Examine the Lost Colony and explain its importance in the settlement of North Carolina.
Computer/Technology Skills
2.12 Plan, discuss, and use search strategies with two or more criteria to find information online about North Carolina as a class/group.
3.07 Locate, select, organize, and present content area information from the Internet for a specific purpose and audience
Informational Skills
1.08 Select and use a variety of resources and formats independently.
4.07 Organize and use information.
5.01 Respond to reading, listening, viewing experiences orally, artistically, dramatically and 
through other projects.

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