Why is Australia a country of "strong character" ?

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This project is designed for the 7th form students (teenagers of 13 - 14 years old).

They are given an opportunity to do some kind of research work on English cultural study.

This project can be held 1 or 2 lessons.

The given links include the information from Wikipedia, Youtube and the tasks from www.learningapps.org which were prepared by the author personally for the webquest.




I would like to thank my master-class instructor Alexander Olegovich Yakovlev from Volgograd, the Russian Federation, and my collegues - the participants of the marter-class on webquests.

I used in the project two books:

1. Klementieva T. B., Shannon J. A. Happy English. Book 3, for 10 - 11 forms of secondary schools. - Obninsk: Titul Publishers, 2004.

2. Encyclopedia for Children. Australia (by Lisovetskaya A. A.) - Moscow:  RIPOL classic, 2014.


Continue making your own webquests - it's really amazing !

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