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This webquest is created to introduce Education Technology to the classroom. This lesson will take 1 hour to complete. My advice to my fellow teachers is that they should get on board and integrate technology in their lesson. 


Date: May 16, 2018
Grade: 8M
Subject: Food and Nutrition 
Topic: Nutrients 
Lesson Duration: 1 hour (2 session)
Attainment Target:
Strand – Explore Methods and Procedures
Attainment Target 2- Through a project-based approach student will be able to explore Methods and procedures in solving problems.
Language Arts: Apply the reading process and strategies to achieve tasks.

Science Standards: Understanding the importance of reproduction to nutrients to the body 

Mathematics Standards: use the correct unit, tools and attributes to estimate, compare and carry out the processes of measurement to given degree of accuracy when making 12” x 10” nutrients Chart.
Technology Standards:
Use of the Smartphone to research the source and function of nutrients .
E-Design Strands:
The creative use of colour, boarder and abstract objects to create/ design nutrient chart.
Measure the length and width if the cartridge, trim excess to achieve the required size of the chart12” x 10”.
Select appropriate picture/s for the chart.
Select appropriate boarder design and font size for chart.


First I must say thanks to God for giving me strenght to creat this webquest. A big thank you to my lecturers Mrs Ava-Marie Reid and Sharlene Stoddart who guided me through this course. Thanks to Zunal.com for creating this site and make it avalible for me to used free of cost. Thanks to my classmate for assisting me. Thanks to A.Coward (2002). Caribbean Home Economics in Action. Thanks to C.Marchand, I. Miles, H.Glen, R.Gayle, S.Campbell (2002). Home Economics for Caribbean Schools. 


Nowadays, technology is used in a variety of different ways for everyday life. This has become every body's necessity whether they realise it or not. As teachers we need to integrate technology in our lesson so that we can better equip our young people to function. Teachers should begin to use webwuert in their classroom. This is a good way to keep up with our students. 

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