American Romantic Period

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The Webquest is designed to help students find information about the writers of the American Romantic period and apply that knowledge to their readings. In essence, students can become scholars and expand their knowledge of the period and influences of the writers that we will be studying. The Webquest is meant to happen in class and with help from the teacher. I did not anticipate that students would have good internet access or access in general. 

The full length of the WebQuest can be done over a three week period with 55-minute classes.

Three days to research the Romantic Period.

Two Days to research their writers 

Four days to get their presentations ready

Two days to present

Four days to work on their handouts

Four days to work on their conclusions. 



Standards Covered:

RI. 11-12.3, RI 11-12.4, RI 11-12.7, RI 11-12.10, SL. 11-12.1, SL 11-12.2, SL 11-12.6

RI. 11-12.3

Analyze a complex set of ideas or sequences of events and explain how specific individuals, ideas, or events interact and develop over the course of a text.

RI. 11-12.4

Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative, connotative and technical meanings; analyze how an author uses and refines the meaning of a key term or terms over the course of a text.

RI 11-12.7

Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information presented in different media or formats as well as in words in order to address a question or sole a problem.

SL. 11-12.1
Come to discussion prepared, having read and researched material under study; explicitly draw on that preparation by referring to evidence from the text and other research on the topic or issue to stimulate a thoughtful, well-reasoned exchange of ideas.

SL 11-12.2
Integrate multiple sources of information presented in diverse formats and media in order to make informed decisions and solve problems, evaluating the credibility and accuracy of each source noting any discrepancies among the data.

SL 11-12.6

Adapt speech to a variety of context and tasks, demonstrating a command of formal English when indicated or appropriate.

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