WWI - A War of Many Firsts

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This webquest is designed to get the students to really delve into what warfare really looked like during WWI. Many students are not very familiar with WWI as it is not discussed as much as other more modern and American-centric wars like WWII and the Vietnam War, therefore a lot of the factors leading up to WWII are typically harder for them to understand. WWI was the main driving force behind the outbreak of WWII and the technology and devastation caused by it was one of the largest contributing factors to this. It was because of the horrors of WWI that most of Europe was terrified of another costly war like the one they had just fought, giving way to the conditions that allowed WWII to come into fruition. Likewise, WWI was the first "modern" war and it is important for the students to understand this so that they understand where the things they are learning about down the road (i.e. the Atomic bomb, Jet bombers, and ICBM's that characterize the Cold War) originated and what these things really meant. The students will enjoy this webquest because they are getting a first-hand look at the types of technology that, quite literally, shaped history. The students are often taught that WWII happened because of so many countries being afraid a war on the scale of WWI, and without understanding the technology that was used, the students will have a more difficult time understanding why this war was such an atrocity. 


NJ Social Studies Content Standard: 6.1.12.C.7.a Determine how technological advancements affected the nature of World War I
on land, on water, and in the air.


This webquest could be changed to be used in a number of grade levels. It was designed for a typical US History II class, (11th grade) but can easily be made more detailed for higher grades (12th, Honors, A.P.) or simplified for use in lower grade levels even down to the middle school level. 

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