Digestion in the human body

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This web quest is about the different processes that are involved in the digestive system. This web quest was designed as a project for science students, grade 9 - 12. 


• Understand the importance of the life processes in plants and animals, their interdependence, their interaction with the environment, and how lifestyles determine health and well-being.
• Apply scientific knowledge and processes to the solution of real world problems.
• Demonstrate a positive attitude towards the use of scientific language.
• Demonstrate positive interpersonal skills in order to foster good working relationships.

• Understand the intake, digestion and absorption of food in animals.
• Appreciate the importance of scientific methods.
• Demonstrate curiosity, objectivity and perseverance in their approach to scientific activities.
• Demonstrate sensitivity to others who are different.



Zunal.com for all the FAQ pages to help create web quest.

Previous web quests for ideas.

Teachers at my school for additional information.

Youtube for the videos.

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