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Using Bloom's

Remembering/Recalling Level: Name endangered animals from your the links provided.

Understanding Level: Explain where in the world you can find these animals and why you can only find them there.? 

Applying Level: Summarize your findings about the animal(s) you chose and the importance of its place in the world.

Analyzing Level: How do animals become endangered? Use the links and others that you find to answer. 

Evaluating Level: Compare different endangered species from the links provided. Does it seem easier to save some species over others? Why? 

Creating Level: Do you think it's possible to save the endangered species? Work with your group to make a poster or pamphlet to persuade others to help take action.


5LW8 Identify and evaluate how human actions can threaten the abundance
and survival of living things within an ecosystem.

5LW9 Identify and evaluate individual
or group actions that can be taken to
preserve and enhance local ecosystems.

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