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This is a great unit for students to learn the game of softball as well as the history behind it. It is a fun game that everyone can enjoy and even have some nice friendly competition. 



1.2 Demonstrate proficient movement skills in aquatic, rhythms/dance, and individual and dual activities

1.3 Identify, explain, and apply the skill-related components of balance, reaction time, agility, coordination, explosive power, and speed that enhance performance levels in aquatic, rhythms/dance, and individual and dual activities.

1.8 Analyze and explain which training and conditioning practices have the greatest impact on skill acquisition and performance in aquatic, rhythms/dance, and individual and dual activities.

1.12 Demonstrate independent learning of movement skills

2.1 Participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity at least four days each week.

2.5 Improve and maintain physical fitness by adjusting physical activity levels according to the principles of exercise

2.10 Identify and list available fitness resources in the community.

3.1 Accept personal responsibility to create and maintain a physically and emotionally safe and nonthreatening environment for physical activity.

3.3 Identify and evaluate personal psychological responses to physical activity

3.5 Develop personal goals to improve one's performance in physical activities


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