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Objectives-  This project was designed for the k-2nd grade levels.  The students learn about fire safety, and how to be prepared for a fire. They will learn how to prevent fires by doing things such as unplugging, keeping water away from electric, making sure your fire alarm has a good battery, making sure your kitchen is safe (Kitchen is the #1 place that fires start in homes), etc. They will learn some fire safety tips such as stop drop and roll, touch a door to see if its hot before opening it, make sure you have a fire extinguisher and know how to use it, call 911 in an emergency, etc.

Instruction- You as the teacher will read the topics to the children to make sure they understand what to do, and if necessary help the students in the group to pick which topic they will be doing. You will supervise, and just be there to answer questions as necessary. 

Standards-  This exercise is designed to build and strengthen students' awareness skills and prepare them for important life situations. 


Assessment- The students were to write an essay about their given topic: either Fire prevention, fire plan, or what to do in a fire. This will be used to assess the students on their knowledge of the topic. Since they are working in groups, this essay is crucial to make sure that each individual student is doing their part in the project. This essay is necessary for individual evaluations of the students. 

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