I bake! that's my superpower

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You have gone through a lot of difficulties and this time you accomplished it more than you expected. Congratulations to you for your unending patience.


This kind of e-learning is suitable for the students applying their knowledge,skills and attitude. I would to suggest that this is the best e-learning that would help the students arouse their learning and intelligence.


This e-learning is aligned with the educational system called OUTCOMES-BASED EDUCATION. This web quest is suitable to the the learners grade 9 to 12. Additionally, the e-learning follows the SMART pattern. S for Specific, M for Measurable, A for Attainable, R for Reliable and T for Time bound.


I would like to mention all of the links and images that was used in the web quest. It was a great help for the students to learn more about baking. To the sample web quest, it really make me understand what's the flow of this e-learning. 

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