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This webquest is designed for high school students, grades 9-12. The students are required to do group research on technology in the classroom and integration of said technology. They are required to do extensive research on the importance of integrating technology into the classroom and then create a presentation on one specific device. They will explain why they believe it is the most beneficial piece of technology to be integrated. The students will also include other devices and their benefits in the classroom. In the end, the students will present to the class and then the other teachers in order to persuade them to integrate the devices into their classrooms. 

This project will take approximately one week to complete, depending on if you are allowing them to work solely in class or both in and out of the classroom.

Remember to stress that students should actually do the research on the different devices available. Many will simply choose a cell phone or laptop because they are the most common ones. Encourage them to reach outside of their normal or common ideas. 


Grade Level: High School (9-12)

Focus: Technology

PA Core Standards:

    Standard - 3.4.12.A1
Compare and contrast the rate of technological development over time.

    Standard - 3.4.12.A3
Demonstrate how technological progress promotes the advancement of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

    Standard - 3.4.10.B1
Compare and contrast how the use of technology involves weighing the trade-offs between the positive and negative effects.

    Standard - 3.4.10.E7
Evaluate structure design as related to function, considering such factors as style, convenience, safety, and efficiency.

    Standard - 3.4.10.A2
Interpret how systems thinking applies logic and creativity with appropriate comprises in complex real-life problems.


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