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This webquest is about the use of the Preterite tense in Spanish. It is designed so that students can complete in 120 minutes in a classroom setting. Some students find the grammar topics in Spanish to be tedious. You can as a teacher link the Preterite tense with a vocabulary topic such as "at the airport," or "at the market" etc.


Students at the grade 9 level will:

  • correctly use the simple past tense (Preterite) in discussing recent events.
  • accurately complete activities using appropriate vocabulary.


 I would like to thank the persons at the Ministry of Education Jamaica who completed the NSC curriculum. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwLgtspE9E3wOFF6QzVEWkpMZFE 

I would also like to thank Ms Golda-lee Sawyers, my facilitator who introduced me to webquests.

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