Do you know your body?

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This webquest is to teach kindergartners about their body and how it works. Children need to know about their body at a young age and kindergarten is the best place to start.


NC Essential/Core Standards

K.MS.1 Apply competent motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities,

K.MS.1.1 Execute recognizable forms of the basic locomotor skills.

K.MS.1.2 Use recognizable forms of the basic manipulative skills.

Goal 6: The learner will demonstrate competency in a variety of movement forms and proficiency in a few to gain competence towards lifetime physical activities (NASPE Standard 1).
Objective 6.01: Demonstrate non-locomotor movements using different parts of the body.
Objective 6.03: Develop movement control for safe participation in games and sports.



This webquest should only take about 30 mins. The rest of the class time should be for the teacher to explain everything the students have found.

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