short functional texs

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I use this as introduction short functional texts to easy answering UN .I hope it's helpful for you


while doing this assignment, I learned how hard it is to create lesson plants.I would assume it would be much easier when you have textbook to reference instead of having to find all your material online. however I feel like I pick essential skills that will benefit every student.They may be basic short functional texts skills,but they will build a very strong foundation for their ongoing English career.The student who participate in this web quest will only be better by doing these extra practice problem,and they will use they skills for years to come.I have added some picture in every lesson and link in the task for help the student if the student still doesn't understand in lesson.
And this educational will be good for elementary school,Junior high school,senior high school and in University



SMART book .CV Arya Duta


You will find any information about short functional in internet,grammar book etc. because the information about short functional texts it's many information
in Indonesia we use many books of Grammar to understood it.

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