Timeline: Our Lives

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This lesson will teach students about sequence of events, placing events in chronological order, and about the past, present, and future. They will also learn about the life of Christopher Columbus and the events that took place in his life while participating in this Webquest. 


The Florida Standard chosen is SS.1.A.3.2. The strand is American History and the standard is Chronological Thinking – which calls for creating a timeline based on the student’s life or school events, using primary sources. 

The objectives for this lesson: 

      • Understand sequence of events 
      • Understand chronological order 
      • Understand past, present, and future 
      • Understand the important events of the life of Christopher Columbus and the importance of him in American History 


      *All imagines found under public domain*

      *Video courtesy of Happy Learning English on Youtube (Link)



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