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Length of Unit: Place Value Pirates should be completed by students individually. It should take students at least an hour to complete the mission. The webquest should be used when place values are being taught in the classroom throughout a week’s unit. Students should be able to complete the webquest throughout that week. Fifteen minutes a day will allow students to finish in four days, leaving the scavenger hunt for Friday.

Rationale: Students must understand place value because it is a foundation of math. They will use place values for the rest of their lives. For example students may use their knowledge of place value while shopping for food or clothing. They will use it for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in many different settings that are all equally important.

Grade level: 3rd Grade

TEKS: (1)  Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student uses place value to communicate about increasingly large whole numbers in verbal and written form, including money. The student is expected to:

(A)  use place value to read, write (in symbols and words), and describe the value of whole numbers through 999,999;

(B)  use place value to compare and order whole numbers through 9,999; and

(C)  determine the value of a collection of coins and bills.

Prior knowledge: Students are expected to know their numbers, as well as place value through 999 which they were introduced to in the second grade. Students should already know how to count, understand whole numbers, and sequential ordering. Students should already have been exposed to pirates and their special jargon.

Modifications: After completing the webquest, gifted and talented students can create their own place value problems and answers. They can also work with money more to work on their place value. Students with disabilities and ESL students can work with a partner who is has a higher level of thinking and can help them with the webquest.

Assessment: After students have successfully completed this webquest, they will be able to read and describe values of whole numbers, compare and order whole numbers through 9,999, and determine the value of money by answering 80% of the questions correctly on the Place Value Pirates Worksheet.

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