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Grade Level Expectations:

Science. Strand 5. Processes and Interactions of the Earth’s Systems. (Geosphere, Atmosphere, and Hydrosphere). 3. Human activity is dependent upon and affects Earth’s resources and systems. A. Earth’s materials are limited natural resources affected by human activity. Fifth. Scope and Sequence – Water Cycle and Weather

a. Explain how major bodies of water are important natural resources for human activity(e.g., food recreation, habitat, irrigation, solvent, transportation)
b. Describe how human needs and activities (e.g., irrigation damming of rivers, waste management, sources of drinking water) have affected the quantity and quality of major bodies of fresh water
c. Propose solutions to problems related to water quality and availability that result from human activity

•Corresponding National science standards:

Earth and Space Science: Structure of the earth system
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Populations, resources, and environments
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Risks and benefits
History and Nature of Science: Science as a human endeavor

•Background knowledge needed:

Students must be familiar with PowerPoint.
Students must have the ability to navigate the internet.
Students must have general computer knowledge.

•Summary of Content Knowledge:

At the completion of this Web Quest, the students will have developed a deeper understanding of the oil drilling process, as well as the effects of oil drilling on the earth.  The students will rely upon their knowledge and personal belief system when forming a view point regarding the oil drilling process.

Vocabulary – 
     Crude oil

•Modifications Planned:

Gearing up: The student will complete either of the Extend activities.  They will  have the option of completing the oil drilling simulation, the activity packet, or both.

Gearing down: The student will be placed with a team member of higher learning    ability to assist him/her in the learning process.

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