Risks and Benefits of Oil Drilling for American Oil

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Grade Level Expectations:

HS-LS2-6. Evaluate claims, evidence, and reasoning that the
complex interactions in ecosystems maintain relatively consistent
numbers and types of organisms in stable conditions, but
changing conditions may result in a new ecosystem. [Clarification
Statement: Examples of changes in ecosystem conditions could include modest
biological or physical changes, such as moderate hunting or a seasonal flood
and extreme changes, such as volcanic eruption or sea-level rise.]

 HS-LS2-7. Design, evaluate, and refine a solution for reducing
the impacts of human activities on the environment and
biodiversity.* [Clarification Statement: Examples of human activities can
include urbanization, building dams, and dissemination of invasive species.] 

HS-LS2-8. Evaluate evidence for the role of group behavior
on individual and species’ chances to survive and reproduce.
[Clarification Statement: Emphasis is on (1) distinguishing between group
and individual behavior, (2) identifying evidence supporting the outcomes
of group behavior, and (3) developing logical and reasonable arguments
based on evidence. Examples of group behaviors could include flocking,
schooling, herding, and cooperative behaviors such as hunting, migrating,
and swarming.]

•Corresponding National science standards:

Earth and Space Science: Structure of the earth system
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Populations, resources, and environments
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives: Risks and benefits
History and Nature of Science: Science as a human endeavor

•Background knowledge needed:

Students must be familiar with PowerPoint.
Students must have the ability to navigate the internet.
Students must have general computer knowledge.

•Summary of Content Knowledge:

At the completion of this Web Quest, the students will have developed a deeper understanding of the oil drilling process, as well as the effects of oil drilling on the earth.  The students will rely upon their knowledge and personal belief system when forming a view point regarding the oil drilling process.

Vocabulary – 

     Crude oil

•Modifications Planned:

Gearing up: The student will complete the Extend activities.   

Gearing down: The student will be placed with a team member of higher learning ability to assist him/her in the learning process.

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