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This webcast is about rhyming words.  Children learn what a rhyming word is, identify rhyming words in nursery rhymes and stories, and then create their own.  This webcast could be completed during work time for a child.  (approximately 45-60 minutes)  This would be a great opportunity for teachers to use with students during a nursery rhyme unit.


Teaching Strategies
Preschool Objectives for Development and Learning

Standard 15: Demonstrates Phonological Awareness
Standard 17: Demonstrates Knowledge of print and its uses
Standard 18: Comprehends and responds to books and other texts
Standard 19: Demonstrates emergent writing skills


Websites: PBS Kids & scholastic.com
Stories from you tube
Nursery rhymes from nurseryrhymes.com

Pictures: patch.com (rhyme time picture)
themischiefmunkey.wordpress.com (nursery rhyme picture)
mykidsway.com (children working picture)
clip art kid (you did it picture)
Pixabay (ABC, clipboard checklist, and kids on computer)


This is intended to use for children at a Pre-K/Young 5's/kindergarten level.

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