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This webquest is aimed at covering the major aspects of the present continuous tense.

This activity will take approximately an hour to complete, depending on the learning rate of the students.
This is one simple topic but it is important in a really content, it is important also to know the grammar structure in all  the contents like positive and negative form.
The easiest way to introduce this tense is to carry out actions. Take a pen or pencil and start writing on the board. Say: I am writing.
Sit down and pick up a book. Say: I am reading. Start walking around the classroom.Say: I am walking.  And so on with as many verbs as you would like, but use verbs they already know, or introduce new verbs, but only a few at a time.


This webquest is perfect for grade 3 to 5. The curriculum used was grade 4 revised curriculum guide


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