Road Trip with 4G in the Southeast Region of the United States

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This webquest is a final project for a technology class which is part of a master's program I am currently enrolled in. Earlier in the year, another course I took exposed me
for the first time to webquests. An opportunity to put one together had not been available until now. I spent countless hours perusing a variety of webquests and have credited two below that gave me the format/style for mine. The variety of webquests available are endless and inspiring. This webquest should take approximately two weeks from start to finish. Most importantly, as I tell my students all the time we have to become comfortable with using technology and this is my first example!


In grade 4, students study the geography and people of the United States today. Students learn
geography by addressing standards that emphasize political and physical geography and embed
five major concepts: location, place, human interaction with the environment, movement, and

3. Observe and describe national historic sites and describe their function and significance. (H, C)

Identify the states, state capitals, and major cities in each region. (G)
Describe the climate, major physical features, and major natural resources in each
region. (G)
Identify and describe unique features of the United States (e.g., the Everglades,
the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, the Redwood Forest, Yellowstone National Park,
and Yosemite National Park). (G)


Picture of SE region


travel plan image

plane trains image

Picture of Cape and Islands courtesy of NASA

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webquest- “Regions of the United States

webquest- Across the USA

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