In-depth look into a Concentration/Internment Camp

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This web quest will be a great tool in your classroom if you want a fun innovative way for students to get more in-depth knowledge on the holocaust and it will show students how War can make anyone scared which caused the U.S. to also have essentially concentration camps for Japanese Americans.

This Web Quest could take anywhere from 4-7 days depending on how long the class schedules at your school go. My school has block schedule's so the students have more time with me.
If you would like to use this Web Quest in the classroom have groups picked out so that the students with disabilities or language learners can work with students who can help them understand the material. Also make it fun for all students by giving them the opportunities to choose what they want to create. This will help make it so you can differentiate the lesson so that it fits the students needs. Only have a rough outline of what you want the project to look like let them fill in the blanks.


Strand 1: American History: Concept 8: Great Depression and World War II PO 2: Describe the impact of American involvement in World War II: d. Japanese, German, and Italian internment and POW camps

Strand 2: World History: Concept 8: World at War PO 5: Analyze aspects of World War II: c. Treatment of civilian population d. holocaust

Strand 3: Civics/Government: Concept 4: Rights, Responsibilities, and Roles of Citizenship PO 4: Demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to accomplish public purposes IE. news cast
Strand 3: Civics/Government: Concept 5: Government systems of the World PO 1. Compare the United States system of politics and government to other systems of the world

Strand 4: Geography: Concept 6: Geographic Applications PO 3: Analyze how geography influences historical events and movements

Strand 5: Economics: Concept 4: Global Economics PO 2: Describe the effects of international trade on the United States and other nations: g. economic connections among different regions. including changing alignments in world trade partners.


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Thank you to Fabian Coker for the use of your Web Quest as an Example

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