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This WebQuest was created to support Kindergarten students learning about coins and their values.

It was designed to be used independently or with a partner during center time.

WebQuest is simplistic enough that students can complete the tasks during center time at their own pace.  This WebQuest
reaches all types of diverse learners through the use of  partners,
computers, scaffolding of lessons/games, and use of multiple learning
styles (visual, tactile, kinesthetic).  It is recommended that you model for students how to navigate the WebQuest before you release them to use it independently.


This WebQuest addresses the following Georgia Standards of Excellence:
SSKE2 The student will explain that people earn income by exchanging their
human resources (physical or mental work) for wages or salaries.
SSKE3 The student will explain how money is used to purchase goods and services.
a. Distinguish goods from services.
b. Identify various forms of U.S. money (coins, currency).
SSKE4 The student will explain that people must make choices because they cannot
have everything they want.

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