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This webquest is about types sentences structure. It focus on writing skill although other skill is also necessity like Listening, Speaking and Reading. Student's knowledge will increase their writing skill if they do the Task and activity page of this webquest.
Before you write read, and then, understand the materials deeply, follow the instruction and practice will give good effect for students.
As teachers, we should construct the knowledge's students so that students can more write creatively.


First semester students at university in Indonesia is our target. They need more knowledge of writing structure, especially types sentence structure which is often confusing the understanding of students. Thus, they can improve their skill every time and contrast it time by the time.


First of all thanks to God for everything
Thanks to zunal.com for providing a occasion for us
Thanks to www.slideshare.net
Thanks to www.butte.edu
Thanks to www.youtube.com
Thanks to google.com for pictures (all pictures are owned legally, none of the pictures ours)
Thanks to Mr. Hanung Triyoko who are supported us as our lecturer in IAIN Salatiga Indonesia for the Knowledge to using this webquest.


Thanks a lot for your participation. There are many mistake, of course, just appear from the negligent of our expression.

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