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Technology plays an important role in students' life. Web Quests is also a wonderful way of capturing students' imagination and allowing them to explore in a guided, meaningful manner. Web Quests allow students to explore issues and find their own answers. Web Quests increase student motivation. When students are motivated, they are likely to put in more effort, and their minds are more alert and ready to make connections. "It never ceases to amaze me at how focused the kids stay when they are working with a Web Quest. It is often difficult to tear them away from it to work on other things or even to get them to go outside for recess.


I want to thanks the persons who have helped me in putting this web quest together. In doing this web quest I used the site www.webquestdirect.com.au/whatis_use.asp to help me. This site is very good and it has all the necessary information to help a person creating a web quest.


Thanks to Dr Claudette Thompson for helping us to do this web Quest.

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