Dalí: Locura y Surrealismo

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Target Learners:  Advanced level Spanish although it could be simplified for lower levels.

 Sunshine State Standards covered in this project:


The student acquires information and perspectives that
are available only through the foreign language and
within the target culture. (FL.C.2.4)
1. uses research information as a basis for expressing
opinions that reflect knowledge of the target


The student reinforces and furthers knowledge of other
disciplines through foreign language. (FL.C.1.4)
1. conducts research on a topic of interest from an
academic discipline (e.g., an event, a historical figure,
or a scientific concept) using a variety of target-
language sources (e.g., print, audio, and CDROM).


When teaching this unit, teachers need to keep in mind any copyright policies and procedures regarding the use of pictures and videos that they or their students may use.


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