The Language of Art

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This Web Quest was designed to solidify independent student learning about the 7 Elements of Art and 7 Principles of Design that students in 8th Grade Exploratory Arts have been learning throughout the school year.

The following Colorado Academic Visual Art standards were addressed in this quest

1. Observe and Learn to Comprehend: Use the visual arts to express, communicate, and make meaning. To perceive art involves studying art; scrutinizing and examining art; recognizing, noticing, and seeing art; distinguishing art forms and subtleties; identifying and detecting art; becoming skilled in and gaining knowledge of art; grasping and realizing art; figuring out art; and sensing and feeling art.

2. Envision and Critique to Reflect: Articulate and implement critical thinking in the visual arts: by synthesizing, evaluating, and analyzing visual information. To value art involves visualizing, articulating,and conveying art; thinking about, pondering, and contemplating art; wondering about, assessing, and questioning art concepts and contexts; expressing art; defining the relevance, significance of, and importance of art; and experiencing, interpreting, and justifying the aesthetics of art.

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