Going With The Flow: Diffusion & Osmosis

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This WebQuest will take at least 4 days to complete. It contains four phases and each phase will take at least one day to complete if they are doing it in-class. Otherwise, it could take less if it is assigned as homework. 


CLE 3210.1.5 Compare different models to explain the movement of materials into and out of cells.

Check for Understanding:

93210.1.7 Design and conduct an experiment to investigate the effect of various solute concentrations on water movement in cells.

93210.1.8 Analyze experimental data to distinguish between active and passive transport.

State Performance Indicators:

SPI 3210.1.7 Predict the movement of water and other molecules across selectively permeable membranes.

SPI 3210.1.8 Compare and contrast active and passive transport


Credit goes to Ms. Kristen Knickerbocker from Michigan State University

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