Farm Animals Communicate

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This WebQuest focuses on animals on the farm including their sounds.The objective of this web quest is to help the learners determine the sounds of the animals.

The learners should be able to;
identify the different sounds of animals;
value the importance of animals in daily life living.


Performance Standards
Goal 2.1- exchange information, questions and ideas while recognizing the perspectives of others
Goal 2.2- present perceptions and ideas regarding works of the arts, humanities and sciences
Goal 2.3- recognize and practice honesty and integrity in academic work and in the workplace

Knowledge Standards
CA1- comprehending and evaluating the content and artistic aspects of oral and visual presentations
CA2- participating in formal and informal presentations and discussions of issues and ideas
S3- characteristics and interactions of living organisms

CAW2BK-Compose text using pictures and words with ideas that relate to a topic, with assistance
CALS1AK-Listen for information, simple directions, with teacher assistance
CALS1BK- Demonstrate listening behaviors with teacher assistance
CALS2AK- When sharing ideas or experiences-speak audibly and use age-appropriate vocabulary
SCharacteristics and Interactions...3DKab-Recognize that living things have offspring, recognize a parent-offspring relationships based on the organisms' physical similarities and differences


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