Copyright and Fair Use in the Music Clasroom

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From Mr. Schwallier

As music teachers, copyright is always on our mind.  This WebQuest will not only help the students, but the teacher too!  I would take about twenty-five minutes of class for the first three days, and the presentations will probably take most of the hour on the fourth day.  I would have fifteen minutes of individual work and ten minutes of the group collaborating.  Make sure students are working collaboratively; the group aspect should help focus the students' ideas and hopefully prompt some discussion.


This lesson addresses some technology standards.

Communication and Collaboration
Research and Information Fluency
Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility.


Thank you to NafME for all of the research on copyright information.


Below is a great link for teachers regarding the basics for music teachers and all of the grey areas in between infringement and fair use.


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