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Students today are comfortable being online and interacting with others, but may not be aware of "netiquette" issues or Internet safety. These are essential skills. This WebQuest focuses on helping students understand what it takes to be a digital citizen of the twenty-first century.


This WebQuest was designed for my 5th graders, but it can be used from 3rd up through 8th grade.


Meets ISTE 2007 NETS (National Educational Technology Standards for Students):

Creativity and Innovation: "Students create original works as means of personal or group expression."

Communication and Collaboration: "Students will interact, collaborate, and publish with peers ... employing a variety of digital environments and media."

Technology Operations: "Students will select and use applications effectively and productively."

Meets ISTE 2008 NETS (National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers):
Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility: "advocate, model, and teach safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and technology" ... "promote and model digital etiquette and responsible social interactions related to the use of technology and information."


Students work in groups to research Internet Safety and Ethics, then prepare a multimedia presentation to save the Internet at school. Presentation ideas could include: Powerpoint (or other presentation online tools), MovieMaker or Photostory, or use a wide variety of web 2.0 tools.

Higher level students can add in research in the area of copyright, citing sources, and fair use. Students could prepare public service announcements, cartoons, posters, voicethreads ...


Computers with Internet access
MovieMaker, iMovie, Photostory, or a wide variety of other web 2.0 resources


PBS Kids
Media Awareness Network
CyberSmart Curriculum (free resource)

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