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I Feel Special When I Teach

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I recommend  teachers, students, and even parents to go through this WebQuest to help them achieve the goals planned when teaching children "Their Body Parts". The elements such as (videos, songs, powerpoints,word files, games, pictures,  activities..etc) provided in this WebQuest will enrich their knowledge, skills, & self-awareness. So, don't hesitate to benefit from all of these.


This WebQuest will be helpful for students around the world to have information needed to have better understanding of their Bodies. Since they have Themes and units related in their School curriculum, it is a good opportunity to use technological tool such as WebQuest for such science unit.
We in Saudi Arabia as one of the modern countries are glad to search for tools that make teaching & learning easier and better.


Special Thanks To:
Dr. Ghada Awada who devoted her self to teach us how to use such an amazing application technology tool in our school.
Ms. Faten Ataya to provide for us such a chance to add for more success in teaching methods.
My colleagues who made the mission of creating WebQuest enjoyable, successful, & achievable.


You're welcome anytime to visit My WebQuest..!!!

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