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This WebQuest aims first of all to help teachers, simplify the idea of the four seasons to their students. They can check any page though a simple click.

They will be able to find many interesting videos , songs, activities, games and even cooking ideas in order to improve the students' fine motor skills.
Parents are more than welcome too, they can easily know what their kids are learning about the four seasons.


Here in this WebQuest students from around the globe will be able to have more ideas and information about the differences between the four seasons.
I live in the middle east ( Saudi Arabia) where we don't see snow and winter is just cool not even cold so here I will help my students to get more information about the four seasons.


I would like to thank the lady who helped me and my colleagues building this Web Quest, I would like to thank Dr. Ghada Awada from the AUB. Thank you for encouraging us to do more and to achieve more.
Mrs. Faten Ataya thank you for your wonderful support during the workshop :).
Thank you for all my colleagues who made this workshop possible and for working as one hand.


Thank you for visiting my Web Quest.

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