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This website can used by anybody who are interesting in Sub-Sahara Africa. It has good and useful information about this part of the African continent.  I find that having a webquest is a good way to incorporate technology in the classroom. 


Standards: Interpersonal Mode of Communication (IP)
MLIV.IP1 The students exchange a variety of oral and written information and ideas in the target language on topics related to contemporary events and issues, utilizing cultural references where appropriate.

MLIV.IP2 The students initiate, sustain, and close oral and written exchanges in the target language, applying familiar vocabulary and structures to new situations.

Interpretive Mode of Communication (INT)
MLIV.INT1 The students comprehend spoken and written language on new and familiar topics presented through a variety of media in the target language, including authentic materials.

Presentational Mode of Communication (P)
MLIV.P1 The students present information orally and in writing using familiar and new vocabulary, phrases, and patterns in increasingly complex sentences and strings of sentences.

MLIV.P2 The students present student-created, as well as culturally authentic stories, poems, and/or skits in the target language.

Cultural Perspectives, Practices, and Products (CU)
MLIV.CU1 The students understand, describe, and discuss perspectives, practices, and products of the cultures studied and how they are interrelated.

Connections, Comparisons, and Communities (CCC)
MLIV.CCC1 The students reinforce and broaden knowledge of connections between the target language and other subject areas including language arts, science, history, social science, mathematics, physical education, health, and/or the arts.
MLIV.CCC MLIV.CCC2 The students investigate the similarities and differences that exist within and among the cultures studied.
MLIV.CCC3 The students expand knowledge of the English language through the study and analysis of linguistic elements of the target language.
MLIV.CCC4 The students apply language skills and expand cultural understanding by accessing information beyond the classroom setting for recreational, educational, and occupational purpose


All my gratitude to Mr Williams, my colleague, for sharing his knowledge with me. To my head of department Miss Adams and to my family who had encouraged me to keep working hard and to finish my assignments, I also want to say Thank you very much.


Please let me know by email if you have questions or suggestions.

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