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Welcome to your resource page! The success of the Career Exploration project heavily depends on you and your preparation to lead your students down the path of discovering what they would like to do in the future. This page provides you with the resources and helpful hints you will need to guide your students to the successful completion of this project. Feel free to use any or all of the resources that you have been provided. Additionally, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email Ben Bruce or Thomas Spears.

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1. Show this video as an intro for students:


**Other helpful links are at the bottom of this page.

2. Secure computer lab or a mobile cart for students to complete needed research.

3. Being replaced by YouScience (Fall of 2019) Have students go to Planning Your Dreams website and follow the steps under Process to complete their Career Assessment. (Teachers should watch this Kuder Assessment Video to help them understand why this assessment is important)

4. Collect any Sunday papers or circulars that might be helpful for students to complete their project.

5. Ensure that students follow the step by step process of completing the project.

6. Recruit a professional to speak to all 8th grade students on the first day of presentations. 

7. Create a panel of parent/professionals to support students during their presentations.

8. Look for links at the very bottom of this page for items that might be helpful during the Career Unit.

Additional Helpful Items

**Helpful link to address students wanting to be a professional athlete: 

High School to Professional Athlete Statistics

**Helpful video to help discuss a person's "digital footprint" that is used by employers:

How is My Digital Footprint used?

**Credit Cards:

Credit Card Advice

Avoiding Credit Card Debt

**Tennessee Promise; 2 Years of Free College:

TN Drive to 55 - TN Promise

This link can assist students as they process through the project:



Benjamin L. Bruce, M. S. Ed
Instructional Technology Coordinator
Sumner County Schools
Email: benjamin.bruce@sumnerschools.orgĀ 





  • Reflection Document (BIE)
    Description: This reflection document works well with all PBL projects. It should be used at the very end of the project.
40 Reflection Questions
Description: This has 40 questions students can use for reflecting on the Career Exploration Unit. You could use all of the questions or have students choose a particular number to answer for their reflection. You could also pre-choose which questions you would like the students to answer. This reflection piece needs to be used at the end of the project.

Kuder Results Image (Example)
Description: This is an example of the page students will see when they finish the Kuder Assessment. They should click on the See Results Key and watch the video for a better understanding of the results.

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