Milton S. Hershey: American Chocolate Bar Creator.

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This webquest is designed for grades 4-5. It is made to be used during lessons involving social studies and science, in a thematic unit on Milton S. Hershey. The length and time of completion of the WebQuest will depend on number of students present in class, whether or not they may work in pairs, and how many computers are made available to the students. 


Standards: This WebQuest's standards are from the Pennsylvania State Standards


Social Studies: 6.1 D, 6.2 I, 6.4 B, 6.5 D, 6.5 E, 7.1 B, 7.3 C, 7.3 D, 8.1 A-D, 8.2 A-D, 8.3 A-D, and 8.4 A-D.


Science: 3.2 C, 3.5 A-B, 3.6 C, 3.8 A-C, 4.4 A-C, and 4.8 A-D. 


Materials and Equipment: Computers, internet, Microsoft PowerPoint program, notebook paper, pencil, and printers.


Objective: The class will be able to identify and write about the important aspects of Milton S. Hershey's life, along with the chocolate he created.


Anticipatory Set: Students will be asked to estimate how many Hershey's Ksses are made a day and how much milk is used by Hershey.


Procedure: As a class, the teacher will go through the WebQuest explaining each step of the WebQuest clearly. The students will then work independently on answering the questions in the power point. The teacher will be walking around to monitor the progress o the students.


Closure: After the teacher gets the students flipbooks laminated, the student will share three peices of interesting information with a partner. The teacher should switch the partners every so often, so that the students can gain knowledge from a wide variety of their peers.

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