A Tail of Elephants

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Calling all teachers! This WebQuest was designed so that students can learn some background information on elephants as well as their lifestyles. Students learned about captivity and sanctuary and were asked to present information on both. 

Students should work in groups with four students per group. This assignment should take about an hour to complete minus presentation time. 

Once your students finish their projects, you can choose to submit them to the Global Sanctuary for Elephants by sending them to P.O. Box 2426 Brentwood, TN 37024 or by email to kat@globalelephants.org


These standards are from the North Carolina Essential Standards of Science and also the standards for technology grades 6-8
7.L.1: Understand the processes, structures and functions of living organisms that enable them to survive, reproduce and carry out the basic functions of life.

8.L.3: Understand how organisms interact with and respond to the biotic and abiotic components of their environment.

6.TT.1. Use technology and other resources for the purpose of accessing, organizing, and sharing information.

6.RP.1. Apply a research process for collaborative or individual research.

7.TT.1. Use technology and other resources for assigned tasks.

7.RP.1 Apply a research process to complete given tasks.

8.TT.1. Use technology and other resources for assigned tasks.

8.RP.1.Apply a research process to complete project-based activities.


Images for this WebQuest were taken from Google Images after the word "elephants" was typed in the search bar.


This website has some learning games based on elephants that students can do during centers.

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