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The Holiday Maker Webquest is for 2nd or 3rd year students learning English as a foreign language.

While doing the webquest students use a number of skills:

1. Reading: understanding the assignment, looking things up on the internet, reading the texts on the given sites.
2. Speaking: Each group has to present their final holiday idea to the class in English. Hopefully some of the discussion within the groups will also be in English (something the teacher can try to stimulate).
3. Listening: Listening to each other while working in groups and to the other groups when they presents their holiday idea. Hopefully while working within their own group some English will be spoken.
4. Writing: No real composition is required. Students have to fill in a matrix and make a list, as well as make their poster in English.
5. Reflecting: students have to reflect on their own holiday experiences, compare with others and think about what their parents find important. At the end of the project they reflect on how the webquest went and evaluate how well they worked together as a group.
6. Working in a group: Each group member has a particular role and certain responsibilities. They need each other to complete the final dossier. Someone in each group is appointed as Team Monitor to stimulate awareness regarding team work and to ensure work is evenly shared, team members listen to each other etc..

Cooperative Learning
The webquest provides an opportunity for students to work together sharing ideas, analysing authentic texts and  practising their communication skills, particularly reading, listening and speaking. To stimulate cooperative learning the teacher has to be there to guide and help students where needed during the process. Evaluating as a group but also as a class at the end of the project is an important step.

Multiple Intelligence
Linguistic and logical intelligences play an important part in this webquest as reading and understanding texts and filling in forms or making lists are part of the assignment. Because the work is done in a group, social intelligence plays an important role too. The final product includes a poster presentation whereby visual/spatial intelligence also plays a role.

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