Delving Deeper into Freak the Mighty

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Teacher Page

This WebQuest is a culminating activity for those students who have read Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick in literature circles. The objective of this WebQuest is to help students learn more about the main themes or topics in the book.


WI State Standards:

    * B.8.2 - Plan, revise, edit, and publish clear and effective writing.
    * B.8.3 - Understand the function of various forms, structures, and punctuation marks of standard American English and use them appropriately in communications.
    * E.8.1 - Use computers to acquire, organize, analyze, and communicate information.
    * F.8.1 - Conduct research and inquiry on self-selected or assigned topics, issues, or problems and use an appropriate form to communicate their findings.

ISTE Standards:

Technology productivity tools

    * Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.
    * Students use productivity tools to collaborate in constructing technology-enhanced models,preparing publications, and producing other creative works.

Technology communications tools

    * Students use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.
    * Students use a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences.

Technology research tools

    * Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.
    * Students use technology tools to process data and report results.
    * Students evaluate and select new information resources and technological innovations based on the appropriateness to specific tasks.

I would recommend starting this project after students have finished reading Maniac Magee. This way, the students will have some background knowledge and they should be able to take this project further than without any previous knowledge. They will also have a better vocabulary when creating their group's poster board displays.

    * Students will write up a comprehensive report on group assigned topic.
    * Students will utilize correct grammar, mechanics, and paragraph structures in their writing.
    * Students will present their information in an organized manner.
    * Students will answer questions assigned to them clearly and completely
    * Students will produce an organized written report that presents and reflects on their findings, draws conclusions, and gives proper credit to their sources.


Prerequisite Skills: Comfort level with the Internet
Time Required: 5 days of work time; 8-10 days for reading novel ( 45 minutes each) and 1 day for presentation day.
Technology Needs/Materials Needed
Since students will be working on individual projects as part of their group presentation, each student will need access to a computer.


The resources and web links included on this website are external websites and I would like to thank them for creating such useful WebPages.

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