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Oral Communication
Comprehension Strategies
1.3 identify a variety of listening comprehension
strategies and use them appropriately
before, during, and after listening
in order to understand and clarify
the meaning of increasingly complex
or challenging oral texts

Vocal Skills and Strategies
2.5 identify a range of vocal effects, including
tone, pace, pitch, volume, and a variety
of sound effects, and use them appropriately
and with sensitivity towards
cultural differences to communicate
their meaning

Appropriate Language
2.4 use appropriate words, phrases, and
terminology from the full range of their
vocabulary, including inclusive and
non-discriminatory language, and a
range of stylistic devices, to communicate
their meaning accurately and engage
the interest of their intended audience

Demonstrating Understanding
1.4 demonstrate an understanding of the
information and ideas in increasingly
complex oral texts in a variety of ways

Extending Understanding
1.6 extend understanding of oral texts,
including increasingly complex texts, by
connecting, comparing, and contrasting
the ideas and information in them to
their own knowledge, experience, and insights; to other texts, including print
and visual texts; and to the world around


2.2 establish a distinctive voice in their
writing appropriate to the subject and

Purpose and Audience
1.1 identify the topic, purpose, and audience
for more complex writing forms

Preparing for Revision
2.6 identify elements in their writing that
need improvement, selectively using
feedback from the teacher and peers,
with a focus on voice, diction, and an
effective beginning and ending

Producing Finished Works
3.8 produce pieces of published work to
meet identified criteria based on the

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