Purposeful Planters

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Teachers, this is a very exciting lesson because students get to work on their collaboration, communication, and problem solving skills. This project should take up to 2-3 weeks because students need to see their plants growing and you will need to be able to check students weekly journals. I would recommend that majority of this project be done in class since this is a lower elementary project. Students can bring in additional material to school that they need in order to successfully complete the project. 

For students that wish to learn more about plants, a fun fact for them could be that fruits are also plants. They can can begin exploring the life cycle of an apple!  


0007.41 Observe a plant as it grows from a seed to the adult plant and record data using non-standard measurement devices.
0007.3.1 Recognize that living things require water, food, and air
0007.3.2 Record information about the care, feeding, and maintenance of a living thing


Thanks to my Instructor for introducing me to Webquest. It always great to learn new things


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