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This webquests answer my student's favorite quesiton, "How does this topic relate to my life?"  This webquest was written as a part of a lesson plan on Energy and Heat.  As fossil fuels become more scarce and energy prices increase, research and development of alternative fuels will continue to increase.  Students should have a basic understanding of the major categories of these fuels. 


SCSh6. Students will communicate scientific investigations and information clearly.
b. Write clear, coherent accounts of current scientific issues, including possible alternative interpretations of the data
c. Use data as evidence to support scientific arguments and claims in written or oral presentations.
d. Participate in group discussions of scientific investigation and current scientific issues.

field is changed. (HS-PS3-5)

Next Generation Science Standards: PS3.D: Energy in Chemical Processes
•Although energy cannot be destroyed, it can be converted to less useful forms—for example, to thermal energy in the surrounding environment.


Welcome Picture from http://www.iaireview.org/2011/01/serbian-renewable-energy-potentials-analysis/
Introduction Picture from http://cleanet.org/details/images/26944.html
Task Picture From www.21gtcentech.com
Process Picture from www.usgbcnc.org
Assessment Picture from ederlyan.wordpress.com
Conclusion Picture from http://africagreenmedia.co.za/us-most-attractive-renewable-energy-market/


This project was written as part of a lesson plan on Energy and Heat. The complete lesson plan can be viewed in the attached word document. It was done as part of the GIFT program through association with CEISMIC and GoStem. I am grateful to Dr. Peralta-Yahya and her graduate student Stephen Sarria for their help and guidance in this project.


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