The Renaissance Era and Leonardo da Vinci

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TitleThe Renaissance Era and Leonardo da Vinci by Linda S. Davis
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Description: Students examine historical and artistic material relating to the Renaissance Era involving the artist, Leonardo da Vinci and his impact on Western civilization through his art, philosophy, and futuristic inventions.
Keywords: Renaissance Era, Leonardo da Vinci, artist, sculptor, inventor, engineer, Renaissance Art
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Author(s): Linda Davis


Have you ever really explored the life of Leonardo da Vinci? What do you know about Leonardo?

Did you know that he was a scientist, inventor, anatomist, sculptor, artist, architect, engineer, and philosopher?

No doubt you know Leonardo da Vinci best for his painting of The Last Supper! Did you know he was also known for his machinery and anatomy drawings?

Come along and open your mind as we explore the Renaissance Man known as Da Vinci the Genius. We will explore little known facts about his early childhood and view some traveling exhibition images.

There is much to explore as you move along in your journey!

First - View the provided sites and others you may discover along your journey.

Second - Collect images and information from the provided sites to create a presentation using a Web 2.0 tool, such as Prezi.

Third - Using a Webcam application and screen recording software, such as Camtasia create a video of you presenting your presentation. Upload your video to YouTube.

Fourth - Provide the link to your video in the Blackboard thread titled "WebQuest Link".

Phase I - Explore the following sites for images and information regarding the life of Leonardo da Vinci:

Early childhood of Leonardo da Vinci - http://education-portal.com/academy/lesson/leonardo-da-vinci-biography.html#lesson

Leonardo the Philosopher - http://www.evolutionary-philosophy.net/leonardo.html

Leonardo the Genius - http://www.davincithegenius.com/

Leonardo da Vinci Video - http://www.davincithegenius.com/da-vinci-museums.php

Exploring Leonardo - http://legacy.mos.org/sln/Leonardo/LeoHomePage.html
Phase II - You will use the images from these sites to create a 12 page presentation using a Web 2.0 tool, such as Prezi. The slides should include the following:
Title page (1 slide)
Introduction (1 slide)
Early Childhood (1 slide)
Da Vinci's philosophy about True Science (1 slide)
Da Vinci the Inventor (2 slides - Identify two inventions providing an image)
Areas of Expertise (2 slides - Choose any two areas)
Information You Did Not Know About Da Vinci (2 slides)
Conclusion (1 slide)
Reference Page (1 slide - APA formatted)
Include graphic images in your presentation.

Phase III - Create your video, upload to YouTube, and post URL link in "WebQuest Link" in Blackboard. View other student videos and provide feedback.

Your presentation and video will be graded based on the rubric presented below. The presentation will be graded based on the correct number of slides presented, correct APA citations on slides, correct APA references, grammatical errors, and spellings. In addition, the video will be graded based on speaker preparation, quality, and sound.

Congratulations! You are now an expert in Leonardo da Vinci. You should now realize that Leonardo da Vinci was the ultimate Renaissance Man and a Genius of his time.

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