Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR)

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Targeted Learners: College/Adult

Focus: The main focus of this Quest is to help saves life by knowing what is CPR, indication and most of all how to do it. We all know that every seconds count when breathing and pulse stops and to regain this things immediate application of CPR is necessary. We often heard that most of the patient was declared dead on arrival on the hospital because CPR was not given as soon as possible.Why it was not given immediately? The answer is no one knows, it with this Quest proper dissemination through internet is a great help.


At the end of this quest, the learners will be able to:

1. State the definition of CPR.

2. Knows the indication and understand the guidelines of CPR.

3. Demonstrate the steps in CPR correctly and apply the necessary skills in through to life scenario with out hesitation.

4. Appreciate and value life by helping cardiac arrest patient to regain their breathing and pulse.

5. Create their own video on how to perform CPR that will help the student in simulating this activity as real scenario and able to evaluate themselves.

6. Promotes the good samaritan law by learning this technique.

Prerequisite Skills: Introduction to Basic Life Support Lecture which includes airway obstruction management and rescue breathing.

References/Credits: The resources and web links included on this WebQuest are from external websites of various institutions and I would like to commend and thank them from the bottom of my hypothalamus for creating such useful and accessible web pages.I would also like to thank my classmates in TCP and granting this opportunity to dedicate this quest to all my students. 


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