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All of the answers below can be found in one or more of the green links on the side (Vocab.&Famous Ind., Insulator/Conductor, Circuits, Flow of Electricity, Magnetism).


1. Which one of the following items is a conductor?
A) Paper
B) Pie
C) Copper
D) Plastic

2. Which of the following is not a conductor?
A) Battery
B) Iron
C) Water
D) Plastic

3. Which of the following is a quality of a closed circuit?
A) Electricity is able to run through it
B) Not able to light up a bulb
C) All of the above
D) None of the above

4. Who created the light bulb?
A) Micheal Faraday
B) George W. Bush
C) Thomas Edison
D) Benjamin Franklin

5. ________ is a kind of energy that can be converted into heat, mechanical, and/or light energy.
A) Electrical circuit
B) Static electricity
C) Open circuit
D) Electricity

6. Who invented the electromagnet?
A) Thomas Edison
B) Micheal Faraday
C) George Washington
D) Jimmy Brymer

7. An open circuit..
A) Is the flow of negative charges or electrons
B) Is created when certain material rub against each other in order to create an electric charge
C) Interrupts the electrical current of a circuit
D) Material that allows electric currents to flow through them

8. Lightning is a form of..
A) Static electricity
B) Toaster
C) Energy
D) Both A and C

9. Two north poles will..
A) Attract each other
B) Repel each other
C) Create static electricity
D) Create an electric charge

10. A series circuit flows..
A) Through one pathway
B) Multiple pathways
C) Through a river
D) Through a tube

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