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1. What is the source of light used in photosynthesis?

A. The moon
B. The sun
C. Fire
D. Sugar

2. Trees that remain inactive until the right conditions of light, soil, and water are present are called-

F. Pollen
G. Dormant
H. Flowers
J. Recycled

3. What chemical enters the leaf from the air?

A.Carbon dioxide
B. Gas stuff
C. Cells
D. Oxygen

4. What substance does the leaf give off in the air?

F. Hydrogen
G. Nitrogen
H. Oxygen
J. Carbon dioxide

5. Which part of the plant is below the ground?

A. Roots
B. Stem
C. Pistil
D. Sepals

6. An empress tree is a flowering plant. This tree's flowers have blue and violet markings. What is the main role of the colored markings on the flowers?

F. to protect the plant from the sun
G. to produce pollen for reproduction
H. to attract insects to carry pollen
J. to disperse seeds to other parts of the environment

7. What are sepals?

A. Small leaves that cover the flower bud
B. Colorful leaves that attract insects
C. Things on a flower
D. Petals

8. Which is true about dormancy?

F. It is a plant adaptation
G. They are plants that eat insects
H. They are plants that never grow
J. It is the sticky part of the pistil

9. True or false? Fern and moss are spore-producing plants.

A. True
B. False

10. What type of cell is the pistil?

F. Male
G. Female
H. Normal
J. None of the Above

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