The US Constitution: Owner's Manual for America

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 This WebQuest has been designed for middle school students.  I have given my students four class periods to complete their research and to finish their worksheets.  I have included the worksheets in both Word (.docx) and PDF (.pdf) file formats for the convenience of students working at home.


This WebQuest fulfills the following Washington State Social Studies Learning Standards for the 8th Grade:

History 4.1.2 (part 1) - Understands how the following themes and developments help to define eras in US History from 1776 to 1900: Fighting for independence and framing the Constitution (1776-1815)

Civics 1.1.1 - Understands key ideals and principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the U.S. Constitution, including the rule of law, separation of powers, representative government, and popular sovereignty, and the Bill of Rights, including due process and freedom of expression.

Geography 3.2.1 - Understands that the U.S. government includes concepts of both a democracy and a republic.

Social Studies Skills 5.2.1 - Creates and uses research questions that are tied to an essential question to focus inquiry on an issue.


As with any other project done by teachers, there exists a long line of professionals whose work I have had the privilege of building upon. One teacher in particular I would like to acknowledge is Aaron T. Larson, who created the "Simplified Constitution of the United States" page. I would also like to thank Judy Larson, who created the original Checks and Balances worksheet.One of the best skills a teacher can have is the ability to share freely that which they have learned. To that end, please feel free to use, manipulate, change, or throw out any part or parts of this WebQuest to better serve your own students.

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